LORD NDX & Volatility Mix

 2/15/18 Update 

On 2/05/18 the VIX INDEX spiked 115.60% in one day for its largest gain in history.  Many volatility funds ceased to exist after that day.  LORD NDX & Volatility Mix Portfolio survived but took a hit of -16.17% on 2/05/18 due to 73 Options Contracts that were not hedged.  Lesson learned.  Effective 2/06/18 all Options Contracts in the portfolio will carry STOPS at all times and/or be hedged. 


*RESULTS AS OF  1/31/18

*3 Month    -    6.06%  (Theta Research Rank 111 out of 116 Tracked)

*1 YEAR    +   0.90%  (Theta Research Rank   97 out of 111 Tracked)

                                    1 Year Sharpe Ratio -0.05





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