NAZ100 Investment Portfolio


NAZ100 is an investment portfolio started on 12/31/14.  It is managed by Wayne Lord. 

NAZ 100 results are tracked and verified by Theta Research.


*RESULTS AS OF 10/31/17

*3 Month    +    1.27%  (Theta Research Rank 83 out of 121 Tracked)

*1 YEAR    +    9.01%  (Theta Research Rank 78 out of 112 Tracked)

                                    1 Year Sharpe Ratio 0.71





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*Past performance does not guarantee future results.  You should not rely on any past performance as of a guarantee of future investment performance.  Investors are cautioned that data based on less than 5 years experience may not be sufficient to establish a track record on which investment decisions can be based.